There really is no better way to thank guests on your wedding than a curated bag filled with goodies. Whether you choose a traditional bag or opt for something different like a box or basket, the contents can be customized as per your personal taste and budget. But with so many options, the process of choosing what to include can feel overwhelming.

Here’s our pick of 5 must-haves in a wedding goodies bag

Bag or Box: To put your goodies, you can choose anything from a fashionable tote bag or a monogrammed handmade paper bag to a natural jute pouch or a decorative box. Of late, boxes have increasingly become popular though as later these can also be used as a keepsake.

Fresh Fruits or Dry Fruits: You can either make a cute hamper of seasonal fresh fruits or dry fruits to be part of your wedding hamper. If you choose to go with fruits, stick with apples and citrus as they remain fresh for several days, whereas bananas can get mushy and messy.

Curated Tea Bags: If you want to make your goodie bag a little unique, how about adding a mini hamper of flavoured Assam/Green tea. For tea connoisseurs, nothing could be better than this.

Sweets: Every wedding goodie bag should include something to satisfy your guests’ sweet-tooth! Ditch the traditional mithai and make it interesting by including monogrammed or handcrafted chocolates or cookies. How about picking some walnut brownies!!

Something Handcrafted: If you want to give it a touch of luxury, you can even consider adding a set of two handmade soaps or a nice aromatic candle.

Besides, don’t forget to add a personal note from two of you to thank your guests for being a special part of your new life.

If you are still confused about what goodies to add in your wedding guest hamper, call us at +91 9972305352 and we can help curate exciting return gifts.

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