Going out on valentine’s day is mostly overrated. Why not, stay in, and plan a romantic and memorable day.


Here are eight ways to enjoy 14th Feb without stressing.

Binge Watching

When planned well, a day of binge-watch can be romantic and fun. It begins with a show or list of movies that the two of you always wanted to watch but did not find the time. Remember, It is not a typical TV night – include something memorable and sentimental to show your love. Most importantly, a steady supply of popcorn!

Gaming Marathon

Become a kid again and take no prisoners over the gaming console. Start with shortlisting a few vintage video games and debate which is better Mario or Kingkong. Relive your childhood pastime with your love!

Book Reading

You are a couple trying to reduce screen time. Choose a book, cuddle up with your beverage of choice, read a few chapters and share the story from your point of view with your beau. There it isn’t a sweet gift that time together.

Crafting Together

If reading is not a passion and arts and crafts are! Then it is time to apply that passion this V day! Download tutorials on drawing, painting or even knitting and spend Valentine’s day with an activity. The more you fumble, the more memorable it will be.

Board Game Night

One thing in this world that is not overrated is board games with a loved one. Get a board game and challenge your partner to a duel. Pick games made for two players and spend V day applying your strategies. Remember, everything is fair in love and board games.

Dance Together

When was the last time you danced with your partner without a care in the world? Plan a date night at home that will make your partner groove to the music. Prepare a playlist for the dance floor or find videos on learning the cha-cha or other dance forms. The goal is to get those feet moving and the house filled with laughter.

Dish of Love

If the two of you are foodies, then the way to the heart is through the stomach. It is time to prepare each other’s favourite homemade meal. It could be a simple soup or even a dessert. It is not the menu list but the teamwork in the kitchen that matters!

Order in

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These and many more such ideas can add much-needed special moments of closeness and love.